ILION – the day will come when sacred Troy must die

The battle of troy is the setting for Ilion based on the Iliad that Homer has composed

Ilion is an epic tale about the world’s most famous battle, the Battle of Troy, but in a Nordic setting according to a new theory by Italian nuclear engineer Felice Vinci. Malena Lagerhorn depicts a heroic and glorious era 2,500 years before the Vikings.


In a remote era, in the Bronze Age of the North, local chieftains are struggling for power over land and sea. In the east reigns chieftain Priam, chieftain of the mighty city of Troy. To the south rules Agamemnon, chieftain over all the rich islands of the Danaans. But power balances among the chieftains are fragile and after a kidnap, chieftain Agamemnon sees his chance to gather a coalition of warriors all around the Baltic Sea to sack and burn Troy, once and for all.

Ever since he was a child and saw his parents and sister die in flames after a Trojan attack, Melas has longed to revenge his family. Together with his cousin Thoas he swears an oath before the gods that one day as grown warriors, they will sack Troy and burn the mighty city to the ground. When Agamemnon’s call reaches their neighborhood, they too see their chance to fulfill their oath by joining the battle – the largest battle ever between Troyans and Danaans.


With Ilion, Malena Lagerhorn brings together ancient masterpieces in a captivating story about adventure, war, and revenge.

The day has come when my theory has come to life in a fiction novel in the country of the proud Achaeans!
Felice Vinci, author of The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales

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Map of Bronze Age Scandinavia

(based on Felice Vinci’s theory)


Map Scandinavia during the Bronze Age.
Ilion – the cay will come when scared Troy must die
A book by Malena Lagerhorn
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